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About the Author: Noor Sheriff, Founder

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Noor Sheriff is a veteran marketer having worked in banking, financial services and luxury real estate with a hands-on digital approach to creating sustainable digital ecosystems. MBA graduate, Chartered Marketer, Noor founded Lean Search in 2019 after a golden handshake with ENL Group, his last employer. Passionate about all things digital, he is here to help you scale up by leveraging Google's Networks.

Ecommerce in Africa: The Untapped Potential for Google Product Ads

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Africa is a land of opportunity, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of ecommerce. The adoption rate for online shopping is growing rapidly across the continent, and businesses are starting to take notice. However...
By |19 November 2022|Categories: INSIGHTS, SEM|

Noor Sheriff: The Google Man of Mauritius by PEOPLE Magazine

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Noor Sheriff is a name that will be familiar to anyone with an interest in digital marketing, and for good reason. He is the Founder of Lean Search, a Google Partner Company that has been operational in Mauritius since 2019. But his influence reaches further than just our shores; he is known as the Google Man by PEOPLE Magazine Mauritius.
By |16 November 2022|Categories: INSIGHTS|
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