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Helping brands get discovered on Search Engines

Google accounts for 63,000 searches per second. That’s almost 5,6 billion searches per day. Do you find your website when you Google your brand? What about your Products or Services?


Search Engine Marketing (Ads)

Get the most out of your Ads Budgets. Maximize online ROAS and ROI with our Lean Search Methodology for Data Driven Ads.

With over millions of pounds of Ad Spend experience and great reviews from the brands that we service, we are reviewed as a top Google Partner and we are confident in our efforts to elevate your online marketing strategy.

Google Paid Search, Google Display Network, Remarketing, YouTube Ads, Local Maps camapigns, nothing compares.

Google Ads

Search Engine Optimisation

You probably spent thousands or tens of thousands bucks in the best design and development to launch your website.

But when you try to Google your products or services, you don’t find it in Google’s Search Results.

Why will Google rank your website?

With over 9 algorithm changes a day, it’s safe to say that it is no longer easy to manipulate or game Google. SEO is a continuous improvement process, not a campaign. – Noor Sheriff, founder.

Lean Search SEO Methodology

You may be interested our services.

Paid Search Ads
Google Display Ads
Shopping Ads
Landing Page

You may be interested our services.

Paid Search Ads
Google Display Ads
Shopping Ads
Landing Page

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SEO in Mauritius is important for any brand that wants to be discovered online. Google Search is the most popular way people find information on the internet, so it's essential for brands to optimize their site for Google search.

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Noor Sheriff is a name that will be familiar to anyone with an interest in digital marketing, and for good reason. He is the Founder of Lean Search, a Google Partner Company that has been operational in Mauritius since 2019. But his influence reaches further than just our shores; he is known as the Google Man by PEOPLE Magazine Mauritius.

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