Become a Lean Search Affiliate & earn on your SEO & Google Ads referrals

Expert Google Ads Management Partner

Experience unparalleled success with our team of Google Ads specialists, dedicated to helping your agency thrive. As your trusted partner, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies, ensuring your clients achieve the best results.

Drive Business Growth with Google Ads

Partner with Lean Search to harness the power of Google Ads and unlock new avenues of growth for your clients. With our data-driven and conversion-driven approach, we create and optimize campaigns tailored to your clients’ needs, maximizing their return on investment.

Generate Massive Returns for Clients

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional returns for your clients. By leveraging our expertise in Google Ads management, we craft high-performing campaigns that elevate your clients’ digital presence and drive significant revenue.

REAL ESTATE 1.67% – 8.75%
ECOMMERCE & RETAIL 2.70% – 5.35%
FINTECH & SAAS 3.46% – 9.78%
HOSPITALITY 2.30% – 6.81%

Better Conversion Rates for your Clients

Out of every 100 visitors on your web page, if 2 fill a form, we call this a 2% conversion rate. Anything below this is referred to as below the conservative conversion rate of any product page. Between 2% – 2.5% we are in the average to good range. Above 4% is godlike.

Are we good in helping you generate more leads?

Some of our affiliates

Why become a Lean Search Affiliate?

Strengthen Your Agency’s Reputation

With our expert Google Ads management, you’ll solidify your agency’s reputation as a trusted partner that delivers outstanding results. Our commitment to excellence will empower you to retain and attract new clients, further expanding your business.

We believe in continuous improvement

Each web page must be prepared with the right words and meta fields for Google’s algorithm to identify that web page as the most relevant result for a set of words and show it in top organic results.

Multiple factors including design (+headings & content) and performance impact on the referencing of the web page.

Seamless Collaboration and Support

At every step of the way, we provide seamless collaboration and support, fostering a strong partnership. Our methodology covers addressing concerns, shariing insights, competitor reports, and offer guidance, ensuring your agency and clients achieve the highest levels of success.

Founded in 2019

Founded in 2019 to provide brands with a powerful marketing methodology, Lean Search is the first and only dedicated Search Engine Marketing company incorporated with its teams based in Mauritius. 


Lean Search also offers affiliations with agencies and referral programs for lead generation, awareness and ecommerce website traffic increase using Search Engines as traffic source.

Lean Search Network

The Lean Search network was designed to connect the finest brands to the clientele looking for its products or services in the world.

A member of:

Lean Search Ltd was founded by Noor Sheriff, incubated by Turbine Business Incubator of the ENL Group (SEM OFFICIAL MARKET: ENLG), a leading group in Mauritius with stakes in most sectors. Lean Search is a part of this network and also benefits from associations with MCCI (Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry), SACC (South African Chamber of Commerce in Mauritius) as well as the MBN (Mauritius Business Network).

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