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We can help your business create cost-effective highly converting Google Paid Search campaigns reaching high-intent audiences who are actively looking for your product or service by appearing in Google Search results.

What is Google Paid Search?

Google Search Ads, also known as Paid Search or PPC, places online ads on the search engine results page, taking into account demographics, audience targeting and intent combined with advanced bidding techniques.

User trends evolve, and the Lean Search Methodology includes advanced keyword search volume analysis in specific markets.

Paid Search (traditionally referred to as Google Adwords) is and remains one of the best “pull strategy” online Ads available to showcase your solution to those searching for it.

“When done right, Paid Search Ads is a highly effective way of driving requests, new business & results.”

Why Google Search?

Simply because everyone starts their journey with Google Search. Data shows that there are at least 63,000 searches happening per second on Google. That’s 5.4 billion searches per day. Is your business on Google?

Search Ads are not the cheapest form of online advertising. This is what we do day in day out. Set up, structure and run your ads while you focus on dealing with the leads and optimising your funnels.

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Did you know?

89% of the traffic generated by Google Paid Search Ads is not replaced by organic clicks when Ads are paused.

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