Google Business Incubator Mauritius and find
Deploying a content strategy to generate revenue and increase visibility online works.

How can SEO help Business Incubators

The Turbine Business Incubation Programme helps businesses reach important milestones in their growth and development, whether securing their first clients, mapping out their supply chain, or hiring new team members. Learn how to start a business and gear it for growth.

Google the term Business Incubator Mauritius and you will find Turbine Business Incubator showing up on the top result. This has been achieved through the implementation of an SEO strategy over the long term.

The Challenge

The original website did not meet the basic KPIs that are required for showing up on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) of Google. As such, an Essentials+ Mauritius SEO Package of Lean Search was activated. The client redesigned and launched a new website with two key objectives:

  1. Be SEO Friendly
  2. Generate leads from each page

Best SEO Approach for Business Incubators in Mauritius

Understanding the different personas that the business wants to reach is key. Then comes the search volume analysis to understand which keywords and search terms are more relevant to each persona. From there, it took 8 weeks to go through an SEO Audit carried out by Lean Search and for’s developer to make the necessary updates.

Once the updates were done, the client onboarded a long term SEO plan with Lean Search and together, a clear and concise content strategy was created. Content creators and copywriters were mandated on retainers to produce original written text to attend to meaningful problems faced by young entrepreneurs and other popular search terms based on the volume search.


The results are quantifiable, and can be seen by anyone browsing the internet. Google Business Incubator and shows up on top of organic results in the SERP. This is also applicable for various other long tail searches in Google pertaining to how to incorporate a business in Mauritius and how to launch a successful startup.