Higher Education
Lead Generation for Masters’ programs need to be very qualitative and relevant to the course.

MBA Programmes Lead Generation

Analysis Institute of Management has been supporting executives and managers in the Indian Ocean region for 15 years by getting involved in local and regional economic development. Masters and executive programs for professionals from the Indian Ocean and neighbouring countries of East Africa, delivered in Mauritius in partnership with Université Paris-Dauphine and IAE Paris – Sorbonne Business School. 

The Challenge

During COVID-19 there were little to no print magazines and papers. As such, it was harder to reach top executives with print and traditional media. Lean Search was approached for its Google Ads campaigns for lead generation. Since all our Google Ads campaigns are optimised for conversions, this approach was presented to Analysis Institute of Management.

Lean Search Approach

The approach consisted of several key focus areas including Search and Display advertising. Firstly by engaging with high intent users on Search who were actively searching for the relevant programmes and keywords around the programmes. This earned them brand space on the Search Engines Results Page.

This followed by awareness campaigns by leveraging Google Display network with different messages targeting potential customers at different stages of their journey to purchase. Lean Search implemented a combination of targeting techniques to reach effectively and show ads where the audience was present. By targeting the online behaviours of consumers using custom intent targeting and remarketing, we managed to effectively grow their number of leads generated online.


Working with Lean Search provided a definite quantifiable method of return on investment to Analysis Institute of Management. AIM, for their MBA and Executive programmes, have reached all time highs with conversion rates never achieved before from similar or different channels.